Is The Air Force Right For Me?

Joining the Air Force is an important decision and one that should not be taken lightly. It is a minimum of an eight-year commitment regardless of how long your active duty contract is for when you sign your contract.

You should be certain of not only your job, but also your branch of service as there is basically no way to back out of your commitment once it has been made. Take the time to conduct the research and speak to many about your decision until you are comfortable with signing on the dotted line.

There are many benefits and advantages to joining the Air Force but you need to ensure that it is the right decision for your lifestyle and career goals.

Each branch plays a unique role in the security of our country. While they all work together to some extent, their purposes can be very different and they can offer different jobs and specialties.

When choosing your branch of military service, it is important to first decide what you would like to do within the military. After you have decided on a career choice, look at the branch that offers that possibility.

If there is more than one branch that offers your job of choice, talk to the recruiters for those branches as well as others who have served. Those who have served in the military can typically be your best resource for information as they can give you firsthand experience about that particular career field in their branch.

The U.S. Air Force is certainly an impressive compilation of machinery and technology. If you are good with computers and electronics, you might want to consider the Air Force. The Air Force has arguably the best housing units of all the other branches. As far as educational requirements, the Air Force is the most difficult to get into. Without a high school diploma, your chances of getting into the Air Force are slim.

Perhaps you come from a family with a long tradition of joining the Air Force, or you would like to follow in your brother’s footsteps and join the Army. Military family tradition is certainly well acknowledged in American society. However, each person is different. Based on your particular interests and qualifications, you may be better suited for a particular branch of service that no one in your family has considered before. Remember, joining the military isn’t like applying for a job; you can’t just quit if you don’t like it. You are signing a contract and taking an oath to your country. So, make a decision based on your interests and do what will make you happy, otherwise, you won’t be.