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Military Family Appreciation Month!
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Military Infographics

Army and Navy Academy JROTC History
This piece gives a brief history of the Army and Navy Academy JROTC.
Veterans Aid and Attendance
This piece gives an overview of how to qualify for Veterans aid and attendance. It…
How to Select a Tactical Knife
Different ways on how to pick the most suitable tactical knife for different purposes.…
10 Fitness Facts
10 Fitness Facts your mamma never told you
Military personnel looking for work
Does your next job have to be a promotion? What size company do you prefer? Military…
National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day
National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day is June 27.
Impact of Defense Budget Cuts
Projected cuts would cut the projected growth of the economy from 2.3% growth to…
A Snapshot of Our Nation’s Veterans
A new infographic from the U.S. Census Bureau released late last week offers a snapshot…
Interesting Facts About Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Drone Nation: Interesting Facts About Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Military Education Benefits Infographic
A soldier's guide to finding the pathway that will take you from military service…
Military Wives
A Salute to Military Wives
Military Vs Civilian Salaries
Learn what jobs pay more!
Whose is Bigger
Global armed forces by personnel
Air Force Installations
United States Major Active-Duty Air Force installations
Buffed up for 50 Years of Service
Military operation in Libya
International sanctions against Gaddafi regime
PTSD in the Military
A percentage of soldiers who have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq suffer from Post…
Choose your Weapon
The Global Arm Trade
Women in the Millitary
Certain branches have a higher percentage of women.
U.S. Military location
The United States Military is located at different stations throughout the world.…
Nuclear Explosions
Visualizing every nuclear detonation since 1945
Demographics of the Guard
Changing of the Guard since 1975,
Patriot Air Defense System
The working of the Patriot Missile
U.S. Military in Afghanistan
U.S. military contingent in Afghanistan. Servicemen and Death toll.
World Military Spending
What are the biggest military spending nations?
U.S. National Debt
$12.7 Trillion Added to the Debt Over the Last Decade.
Ten Years Later
September 11 - Ten years later. A look at the post September 11th world.
Arming the United States
It is estimated that more than $1 trillion is spent on military expenditures worldwide…
U.S. Spending Versus Foreign Aid
How does the United States Military Spending compare to Foreign Aid?
Iraq War Fatalities
Confirmed Fatalities in Iraq by Province
Gun Slingers
Arm Sales around the globe
Military Spending Worldwide
Military spending by various countries all over the world can be measured as each…

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