There are programs and services available to the United States Military. Don’t miss out on savings, rewards and tips…Read more below!


Military Discounts
Take advantage of your military benefits while traveling. Explore the companies and organizations that want to help. They offer discounts on airfare, cruises, hotels, and more.
Military Discount Travel & Providers
Find discounts for military travel on airline tickets, hotel reservations, cruises, car rental and military vacation travel. A vacation can be more successful if you do some planning and talking about everybody’s expectations.
Military Vacation Spots!
Vacation for servicemembers is a time where military personnel get a chance to reconnect with their families and enjoy time away from the everyday stress and duties that being a servicemember incur. It is a getaway of relaxation and fun.


Find discounts for military travel on airline tickets, hotel reservations, cruises, car rental and military vacation travel. During this stressful time for service members, with separations from family and friends on the rise, let these companies and organizations help out.



Allowance and Expenses

Servicemembers who are seeking PCS and TDY assignments have options where to stay while stationed temporarily. Here you will find locations for on-base lodging, allowances, and expenses.

Temporary Lodging
Discover the ends and outs of temporary lodging facilities. Know how it works and what options are available to you while you wait for installation housing at your new duty station.





Frequent relocations are an accepted part of military life. Moving is challenging and can be disruptive and stressful to DoD personnel and their families. Being prepared is the key to a successful adaptation to the demands of the mobile military lifestyle.



Military Bases
You can find out about registration, rules, maps, and the history of the base’s commands, installations, and units. You will also find a wealth of information regarding housing, employment, education and schools, health care and dental services, as well as community activities and recreation.


The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) provides uniformed Service members equitable housing compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets.

Variable Housing Allowances is usually based on pay grade and paid to service members residing in high cost housing areas.
Overseas Housing Allowance is paid to servicemember in private housing overseas.
Moving-in Housing Allowance incompases three components.
Off-Base Housing Options
The military provides adequate housing for your dependents while you are in the barracks.