U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations

U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations

1. The Chief of Naval Operations has approved the adoption of a Navy Physical Training Uniform (PTU) for all sailors E-1 through 0-10.

The PTU is designed and intended for group/unit physical training (PT) activities and the semi-annual physical fitness test. The PTU will initially consist of two gold shirts with reflective Navy lettering and two navy blue shorts with Navy lettering and reflective markings. A wind suit will be added to the PTU beginning FY-09.

2. The PTU will be introduced to the fleet incrementally over a seven month period beginning Spring 2008. Simultaneously, accession commands will begin issuing the PTU to recruits, cadets and midshipmen.

3. FY-08 clothing replacement allowances for active component enlisted sailors E-1 through E-9 will be adjusted beginning 1 October, 2007 to facilitate purchasing a complete set of PTU shirts and shorts. Enlisted reserve component sailors will receive the PTU via their chain of command upon scheduled availability. Upon completion of the PTU rollout, all command directed group/unit physical training activities and semi-annual physical fitness tests will be performed in the PTU.

4. Authorized optional items to be worn with the PTU include:

  • navy long sleeved 100 percent polyester gold shirt,
  • compression shorts/modesty liner (navy blue or black), and
  • navy knit watch cap.

The approved long sleeved gold shirt will only be available from the Navy Exchange. Individuals may use acceptable compression shorts/modesty liner and head gear purchased from any commercial source and will also be available at Navy Exchange. Compression shorts/modesty liner will not extend below the leg of the shorts when standing. Quality running shoes are encouraged.

5. The PTU may be worn for non-command directed physical training activities as authorized by the commanding officer. In all cases, the PTU will not be worn in such a manner as to bring discredit against the Navy or the individual wearing it. The PTU is not authorized to be worn in lieu of the working, service or dress uniform while in a limited duty status.

6. Detailed guidance will be issued prior to roll out Spring 2008.

7. File this navyadmin with ref A unit revisions are incorporated into the quarterly BUPERS directive CD ROM change.

8. Point of contact is Mr. Robert B. Carroll at COMM (703) 614-5076/DSN
224 or email Robert.B.Carroll(at)navy.mil

9. Released by Vadm J.C Harvey Jr., N1.//