Marine Corps Family and Spouse Benefits

Being the spouse or dependent of a U.S Marine Corps Soldier can be extremely tough and difficult, but there are so many programs and benefits to help you deal with deployment, finances, children, and medical expenses.

Family Separation Allowance
A servicemember who is on a unaccompanied tour of duty and has children who are dependents can be qualified to get a family separation allowance (FSA) of up to $250.00 a month.

Family Readiness Program
The Family Readiness Program is a designed to help and prepare families for deployment separations and life changing events. The goal is to provide resource information and training to a Marine and their spouse. A marine must insure that his or her family are in order so that they can maintain the focus needed to go on mission.

Lifeskills Training and Education
Lifeskills training and education provides several workshops in areas of conflict management, family care plans, elder care, and the 7 habits of highly effected military families. The also provide a workshop geared to Spouses that will teach them a series of on-line and workshop classes, as well as leadership skills training.

Chaplains Religious Enrichment Developement Operation (CREDO)
CREDO is a program that offers several opportunities for spiritual and personal growth to help assist Marines and their families in developing the necessary resources in the Marine Corps life. Such programs include Personal Growth, Marriage Enrichment, Family Retreats, Warrior Transition, and Spiritual Growth.

Lifestyle Insights, Networking, Knowledge and Skills is what makes up L.I.N.K.S. It is a program that is completely voluntarily and team-mentored ran by Marine Spouses. It offers a orientation into the lifestyle of a Marine, helping guide spouses, children, and family members of Marines. The program helps family members grasp the concept and challenges that the Marine Lifestyle endures. No cost childcare is provided to those who want to participate.

For further information contact your local installation MCFTB office or email