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imgArmy Reserve Terms of Commitment

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The Army Reserve requires that you make an 8 year military commitment, serve at least one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Terms of service for Army Reserve enlistment’s are 1-6 years. Additional duty is possible. As an Army Reservist you may be required to serve full time when needed.

Reserve troops allow the Army to be more flexible in that it can expand to meet the defense needs of the United States. Army
Reserve troops must be able to mobilize quickly and skillfully in times of war, disaster, and crisis.

The Army Reserve is called upon img to function on American and foreign soil keeping peace, security, and defending the United States, the Commonwealths and Possessions, and any areas occupied by the United States. The Army Reserves also work with the Active Army and the National Guard to provide support to the citizens of the United States during emergencies by providing food, shelter, water, medical treatment, and any other appropriate civil support during times of emergency or disaster.

As an Army Reservist you may be required to serve full time (Active Duty) in times of war, crisis, disaster, or other emergencies.

Historically, the Army Reserve has been mobilized to provide support in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Noble Eagle, and Enduring Freedom as well as other war and peace keeping efforts on both foreign and America Soil.

What is Mobilization? When you receive your mobilization orders, mobilization is simply reporting to your Army Reserve Home Station, which is usually your Army Reserve Center. Here your unit will begin preparing you for Activation.

What is Activation? Activation is when an Army Reserve Soldier is called to serve in the Army full time. Activation can put you in an Army job within the United States or you may be deployed to foreign soil.

What is Deployment? Deployment is when Active Duty Soldiers are moved to a specific area of operations, usually on foreign soil. Once activated, Army Reserve Soldiers can only serve a maximum of two years Active Duty. As an activated or deployed Army Reserve Soldier, you receive the same pay as Soldiers of the same rank on Active Duty, and you may be entitled to additional types of pay and if you have any dependents, a Family Separation Allowance.

If you are activated or deployed, Federal law protects your current civilian job. You can pick up where you left off, assuming you notify your employer of your activation, serve under honorable conditions and you report back to work in a timely manner upon completion of your military duty.


Reserve Topics of Interest