Army Benefits

The U.S. Army offers a series of Active Duty Benefits ranging from competitive pay and education assistance to insurance and retirement benefits. A broad range of skills are learned through schools and job training, and there are leadership opportunities available. Beyond these benefits, most Army members agree that the greatest benefit is the opportunity to serve their community, state and country.

Take advantage of the Montgomery GI Bill, the Army College Fund, or other options available to you as a Soldier in the Army! Find out how you can earn up to $70,000 for college!

Student Loan Payment
Paying off your student loans can be made easier with the Army’s College Loan Repayment Program.

The Service members’ Opportunity Colleges (SOC) are a network of 1,400 colleges and universities whose programs are designed especially to help meet the higher education needs of service members.

The US Army has created one of the most innovative programs of higher education in the world. Army University Access Online (known as eArmyU). It provides access to quality education for enlisted soldiers across the globe, helping them further their professional and personal goals.

Health Care
The official military health insurance provider is called TRICARE.
As an Active Duty Soldier, you and your family are eligible to receive medical and dental care at little or NO COST. You can receive treatment within the Army’s network of hospitals and clinics.

You will earn 30 days vacation annually as an Active Duty Soldier in the Army. Depending on your job, weekends and national holidays are often considered paid leave and you receive sick time as needed.

Basic Pay
The Army offers competitive pay rates to all members. The amount of basic pay depends on a member’s grade (usually the same as rank) and years of service.