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* Updated January 2016

Military Time Notes

Civilian time uses the numbers 1 to 12 to identify each of the 24
hours in a day. In military time, the hours are numbered from 00 to
24. Regular and military time both use minutes and seconds in exactly
the same way. (For example 1:05PM would be 1305 hours.) When
converting from regular to military time and vice versa, the minutes
and seconds do not change. Midnight is written as 2400 or 0000.

Military Time Zones

For the
U.S. Military, operations are conducted around the world in many
different time zones. Often, single and joint operations are conducted
across different time zones. For example, an operation in Iraq may be
planned and directed in Florida, with aircraft launched from Italy and
the Persian Gulf. Because of this, the military uses Zulu Time as a
base reference, and the phonetic alphabet to designate other military
time zones. (Zulu Time is also known as Greenwich Mean Time and
Universal Time.) Zulu Time is the time in Greenwich, England. The
chart below shows Zulu Time in relation to other military time zones.

For example, if it
were 1100 hours Zulu Time, then in New York City it would be 0600
hours Romeo Time (1100 – 5 = 0600). In Moscow it would be 1400 hours
Charlie Time (1100 + 3 = 1400).

Stuttgart Baghdad Manila Seoul/Tokyo
Hawaii California Wash, D.C. GMT (Zulu)

Military Time

Civilian Time

Military Time

Midnight (12:00 AM)

0000 hrs

1:00 AM

0100 hrs

2:00 AM

0200 hrs

3:00 AM

0300 hrs

4:00 AM

0400 hrs

5:00 AM

0500 hrs

6:00 AM

0600 hrs

7:00 AM

0700 hrs

8:00 AM

0800 hrs

9:00 AM

0900 hrs

10:00 AM

1000 hrs

11:00 AM

1100 hrs

12:00 PM

1200 hrs

1:00 PM

1300 hrs

2:00 PM

1400 hrs

3:00 PM

1500 hrs

4:00 PM

1600 hrs

5:00 PM

1700 hrs

6:00 PM

1800 hrs

7:00 PM

1900 hrs

8:00 PM

2000 hrs

9:00 PM

2100 hrs

10:00 PM

2200 hrs

11:00 PM

2300 hrs
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GMT Offset

A Alpha Paris GMT +1
B Bravo Athens GMT +2
C Charlie Moscow GMT +3
D Delta Kabul GMT +4
E Echo New Delhi GMT +5
F Foxtrot Rangoon GMT +6
G Golf Bangkok GMT +7
H Hotel Beijing GMT +8
I India Tokyo GMT +9
K Kilo Brisbane GMT +10
L Lima Sydney GMT +11
M Mike Kamchatka GMT +12
N November Azores GMT -1
O Oscar Rio De Janeiro GMT -2
P Papa Buenos Aires GMT -3
Q Quebec Halifax GMT -4
R Romeo New York GMT -5
S Sierra Chicago GMT -6
T Tango Denver GMT -7
U Uniform Los Angeles GMT -8
V Victor Anchorage GMT -9
W Whiskey Hawaii GMT -10
X X-Ray Wellington GMT -11
Y Yankee Fiji GMT -12
Z Zulu Greenwich GMT

Military Time Converter

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