Electronic Service Record (ESR)

The Electronic Service Record (ESR) is an online version of your service record and replaces the paper service record used in the past.

It is very important that all Sailors establish their ESR account on the Internet. Afloat Sailors may create a second ESR account via the shipboard NSIPS server. Personnel information in the Internet and Afloat environment is synchronized via routine data transfer between ship and shore. However, the afloat Sailor must establish an Internet account in order to view the ESR in the Internet environment.

To establish your ESR account, in the Internet environment, log in to ESR here. Sailors on surface ships with a NSIPS server installed can go here and click on ESR Self-Service Access.

To find assistance or help contact your Personnel Officer, Command PASS Coordinator (CPC), and/or Command Career Counselor (CCC).