Marine Corps Healthcare Careers

Make a difference in saving lives by becoming involved in a Healthcare Career in the Marine Corps. You will discover a whole new meaning to the word, “Teamwork.” Serve your Country by helping save lives in the Medical Field.

Marine Corps Nursing
Work side by side with medical professionals in a variety of services such as one-on-one patient care, assisting Physicians, Surgeons, Cardiologists, and other fellow nurses. Such areas of expertise include: Critical care, Obstetrics/Gynecology, GM (General Medicine), Surgery, and General Pediatrics.

Physical Therapy
This role is crucial in the Marine Corps. You will be able to provide and practice orthopedics around the world. You can provide extensive medical expertise to help Marines and Sailors overcome injuries they’ve endured in service.

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As a Dental Officer, you will learn distinct skills along with independence in working at some of the best military dental facilities on shore, at sea, or in the field. You will get to work with some of the most advanced technology in the world. Who knows, if you decide to start your own practice one day, you could do some practically debt-free.

Physicians in the Marine Corps strive on excellence and their purpose is to save lives and help those in need. You will work at top medical facilities and will have access to technology so advanced, that the civilian world may not even know about it. Be a part of something so much bigger than yourself with becoming a Physician in the Corps.

Health Care Administration
In the world of Health care Administration in the Marine Corps, you will not just be bored with paperwork, you will be the ears and eyes of a global health care network. You will oversee funds, run systems on how to improve the way business in health care operates and manages.