7 Steps to Join



Basic Training

Basic Training consist of nine weeks of intense training designed to hone your skills, teach you new skills, optimize your physical and mental performance. It will prepare you mentally, physically, and emotionally to be the best that you can be.

After Basic Training you’ll be off to Advanced Individual Training (AIT) where you will learn the skills to perform your Army job (MOS).

Pay & Benefits

The U.S. Army compensates you in so many ways through great benefits, pay and programs to help with your college education now and in the future. Benefits Include:

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What’s it like?
What to learn
What to bring
What NOT to bring

The U.S. Army has very specific requirements, including age, citizenship, education and family status. In addition, you are required to be in excellent physical and mental condition.

The Delayed Entry Program allows you to enlist in the Army today, but delay reporting for duty up to one year.