When you serve in the military, there are a wide range of benefits that are offered to you, your spouse and your children. Read below to learn more about yours.


In the U.S. Army you will not only receive a competitive salary, but you will also be eligible to receive numerous other benefits.
The most important, most valuable asset throughout all of America’s Navy is its people. Sailors represent the best and brightest that America has to offer.
Air Force
In addition to monthly base pay and allowances for special skills such as being airborne qualified or a pilot, the military offers a wide array of benefits.
Marine Corps
Whether you’re Active duty or Reserve in the Marine Corps, a Military career can be a challenge and an adventure. A career as a Marine rewards you with a salary, benefits, incentives and bonuses, not to mention automatic annual pay raises.
Coast Guard
The United States Coast Guard provides extensive benefits to you and your family. Some of the benefits besides a nice salary are paid vacation, excellent training, GI Bill for education, and veteran benefits.
National Guard
In addition to a rewarding career and competitive salary with the National Guard, you are eligible to receive health insurance, life insurance for you and your family, as well as vacation time, food and other benefits.


Servicemembers Group Life Insurance is the life insurance provided to those who serve in the military. The coverage can also be extended to dependents.

Military Reserve Component Retirement Pay
If you are a U.S. Reserve or National Guard member, you must meet the following minimum requirements to be eligible for retired pay.


Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance is a program extended to the spouses and dependent children of members insured under the SGLI program.

Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) is a program of post-separation insurance which allows Servicemembers to convert their SGLI coverage to renewable term insurance.


The Department of Defense provides excellent and affordable health care for members of all U.S. Military branches.

Death & Survivor Benefits
Dealing with the death of a family member in the military is never easy, but surviving family members are entitled to certain benefits that can help ease financial difficulties.





Whether you’re Active duty or Reserve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard or National Guard, a Military career can be a challenge and an adventure. Like any other job it comes with a salary, benefits, incentives and bonuses, not to mention automatic annual pay raises.



Military Spouse Education Benefits
Members of the military can now transfer all or part of their GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost of education for their spouse or dependent children.
VA Education Benefits
The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) administers a number of education programs for which US Military personnel can qualify. .
Education Bonus for Enlisting
Since the bill was signed, approximately 295,000 members have received $4 billion worth of benefits. A person must have served 90 or more days on active duty since 9/11/2001 to qualify.
Top-Up Program
The Top-up program allows funds from the GI Bill to be used for tuition and fees for high-cost courses that are not fully covered by TA funds.
GI Bill The GI Bill is a fantastic military benefit that helps all military personnel attend college and go on to have exciting, successful careers.


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The Department of Veterans Affairs announced today that 1.67 million Veterans and Servicemembers have registered for the secure, joint VA-Department of Defense (DoD), self-service web portal, eBenefits, which provides online information and access to a wide variety of military and Veteran benefits resources.

Veterans’ Medical Benefits Package (Standard Benefits)
VA’s medical benefits package provides the following health care services to all enrolled veterans.


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