Military Vacation Leave

One of the many benefits that most military personnel want to learn more about is the Vacation LEAVE. Vacation leave is time off that is paid so that you can have relief from your everyday pressures of the duties that being in the Military consists of. Leave is considered a right, and not a privilege, in the military.

It is under Federal law that you are allowed this leave. You are not allowed to take Leave whenever you want, or for whatever reason you want. Each individual branch has their own standards when it comes to Military Leave restrictions.

Another type of Leave is known as ‘Accrued Leave’. Accrued leave in the military is considered leave that accrues at the rate of 2 1/2 days a month. The law puts in to order that members accrue a maximum of 60 days. Also under law, an eligible full-time employee accrues 15 days (120 hours) of military leave each fiscal year. Part-time employees and employees on uncommon tours of duty are allowed to pro-rate military leave according to the number of hours in the regularly scheduled tour of duty.

Employees are allowed to carry over accrued leave into the next fiscal year. 15 days or 120 hours of unused leave may be transferred over. Members of the Reserves or and National Guard are not charged military leave for weekends and holidays that occur within the period of military service.