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Upload Military Photos and Videos

Upload Your Military Photos and Videos
Share your military photos and videos at Most all military-related photos and videos are welcome, including your photos and videos from Iraq and Afghanistan, prior wars including The Gulf War, Vietnam, Korea, World War II and other conflicts, training photos, photos of military equipment, and even your personal photos and videos of you and your buddies horsing around on the base. Quick registration required to upload media.


How and where do I upload photos and videos?
Upload your photos and videos in our Photos/Videos section. Click on the "Register" link on the navigation bar. After registration and logging in you will see an "Upload Photos" link on the same navigation bar. Click on the "Upload Photos" link to upload photos and videos.
What types of images can I upload?
Acceptable image types: JPG, JPEG and PNG. GIF images cannot be uploaded.
What types of videos can I upload?
Acceptable video types: MPEG, MPG, AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV.
Can I use the Photos/Videos section to store my photos/videos?
The purpose of our Photos/Videos section is to enable members to share their interesting military photos and videos with other people interested in military photos and videos. If you are seeking online storage for your photos/videos, we suggest you use a service that specializes in online storage.
What is the maximum image size that can be uploaded?
Max image width and height is 5,000x5,000 pixels.
Someone has posted a copyrighted and/or inappropriate photo or video. What do I do?
Please contact us so that we can remove the photo or video.
Please do not post photos and videos with objectionable material, including material that is pornographic, obscene, racist, etc. Please also do not post material that violates U.S. Military operational security guidelines.
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