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face of battle has changed drastically in recent times. The open

battlefield has been replaced by door-to-door fighting in urban

environments where tight spaces make it difficult for soldiers

to rely on their primary firearm as a weapon.

Military hand-to-hand combat tactics

close quarters combat training

have become critical for today’s soldiers!

Behind any

door there could be an attacker that carries with him the

advantage of the element of surprise and the ability to quickly

disarm an unsuspecting combatant.

To survive in

these environments, soldiers must learn

skills such as military hand-to-hand combat, Special Forces

knife fighting tactics, and close quarters combat techniques

to back them up when their weapon is of no use.

But military

hand-to-hand combat, close quarters combat training, and Special

Forces knife fighting tactics are no longer JUST for combat zones!

This type of

"combat" is no different than when a violent criminal has broken

into your home in the middle of the night and

may be walking through your bedroom door

any second!

What will you do? Will you prepared

with fast, effective close quarter hand-to-hand combat tactics?

Would you

trust your CURRENT hand-to-hand, close quarters combat

techniques if YOU were the only thing standing between three

brutal criminals and your family?!

Not to worry!

As a valued member of the ISCQC,

you’ll discover practical self defense techniques that will work

in even the most brutal of attacks…

regardless of your size, strength, or level of fighting


Each week, you’ll receive dynamic,

practical self defense video lessons from the world’s top

instructors in military hand-to-hand

combat tactics and close quarters

combat training, delivered straight to your computer.

Because the techniques shown use simple, easy to learn, yet

incredibly powerful tactics, they apply to and

can be utilized by


anyone with very little practice or prior experience.

But this is just ONE of the incredible benefits you’ll receive

as a valued member of the ISCQC!

In addition,

you’ll also have access to live and

recorded military hand-to-hand combat and close quarters combat

"webinar" training from a host of instructors on a

variety of practical self defense topics as well as

over $250 in FREE bonus gifts

immediately upon joining to give you a jump start on your self

defense and hand-to-hand combat training.

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Photo: South Korean Army Special Forces perform a martial arts


for coalition forces at Camp Commando. (USMC