Illegal Immigration

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Ranch Rescue salutes the hardworking members of the U.S. Border Patrol!

Photos by James Tourtellotte

Special Response Team members of the Border Patrol conduct a “man down” training exercise extracting an officer from a hostile situation to safety.

Special Response Team members of the Border Patrol enter a hostile building during training.

Border Patrol marine officers patrol the waters of the Rio Grande River along the Texas and Mexico border.

Border Patrol marine officers patrol the waters of the Rio Grande River along the Texas and Mexico border.

The Air Support unit provides invaluable assistance to Border Patrol Officers on the ground for both operations and rescue.

Officers can be quickly deployed into the most remote sections of the United States to provide protection along our borders.

Difficult terrain requires the use of specialized vehicles.

Border Patrol officers make use of All Terrain Vehicles to patrol along the rugged border with Mexico.

Illegal Immigration is a Threat to the American Way of Life Position Piece, 4/04/2005
Image: Armed, uniformed drug smuggler at the Arizona border fence (Source:

Dallas, TX: Today our great American nation is being invaded by millions of illegal immigrants who are fundamentally changing American society. Notably, a massive influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico is changing the face of the American Southwest. For most Mexicans, the motivations for this migration are pure – to secure a better life in a better place. However, not only is this illegal immigration illegal to begin with, it is also precipitating a host of problems for the United States of America. This influx is bankrupting state and local governments, hospitals, school districts, prisons, and social services across the Southwest. The influx is also fueling a wide range of criminal activities in the United States, from the simple, such as the hiring of illegal aliens by American companies, to the serious, such as drug running, human trafficking, organized criminal activity, gang activity, weapons violations, burglaries, auto thefts, etc., etc. In addition, terrorists from overseas nations could gain entry to the United States through our porous borders.

Yet, the Bush Administration does little. In fact, to our disbelief, George W. Bush is proposing an even grander amnesty plan for illegal immigrants than was realized in the 1980s under Reagan.

Here at we like the Mexican people. Overall, we know Mexicans to be friendly, religious and family oriented. Moreover, it’s not that we don’t want Mexican nationals in the United States, we just want the ones that are in the United States to be legally in the United States.

And overall, we like George W. Bush also. But we believe that he is dead wrong on this issue.

A few numbers: William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration, states that this is “the end of America as we know it. At least 10 million illegal immigrants are in the U.S. now, and that’ll double in five years.” (Dallas Morning News, Rancher in border case backs Minuteman, 04/03/2005) reports that “public health care in Los Angeles is on life support, where sixty percent of the county’s uninsured patients are not U.S. citizens. More than half are here illegally. About 2 million undocumented aliens in Los Angeles County alone are crowding emergency rooms because they can’t afford to see a doctor.” (L.A. Emergency Rooms Full of Illegal Immigrants, 03/17/2005). The National Research Council estimates that the net fiscal cost of immigration ranges from $11 billion to $22 billion per year, with state and local governments bearing most of the costs. California’s tab is estimated at $3 billion alone. Richard D. Lamm, former governor of Colorado, writes in the Denver Post that “illegal immigration today isn’t cheap labor, except to the employer. The average family of illegal immigrants has two to four school-age kids. It costs U.S. taxpayers more than $7,000 a child just to educate them in our public schools.” (There’s nothing cheap about immigrant labor, 04/03/05) In the end, the American taxpayer pays many times the amount the cheap hourly wage was worth to a vagabond American company.

But one has to figure that these costs are just a drop in the bucket. The Arizona Automobile Theft Authority for example reports that there were 56,222 stolen vehicles in Arizona in 2003. These thefts in many cases are tied to a host of other problems, including smuggling, illegal drug trafficking, human trafficking, burglaries, fraud, and drive-by shootings. The costs to these associated problems are immeasurable, both in dollar amounts (auto insurance, law enforcement costs, etc.) and in terms of general personal security.

Here in Dallas, Texas, home to, we are witness firsthand to some of the problems associated with illegal immigration. Business owners in predominantly Hispanic areas are scared for their safety. Recently, a member of a family that owns several local restaurants was kidnapped in broad daylight, held for ransom, and then killed. The perpetrator fled back to Mexico. Mexican graffiti covers everything from houses and fences to businesses and highway signs. The City of Dallas, at great costs – up to $2,000 per sign, is currently either cleaning or replacing graffiti-marred highway signs across the area. One bridge overpass colorfully says it all: “Welcome to the Barrio, Bitches.” For Dallas Public Schools, Spanish proficiency for teachers is almost mandatory in many sections of the city. The enormous cultural and budgetary problems associated with educating children of illegal aliens denigrates the education of our American children.

Fed up by the deluge of trespassers and the lack of attention by the U.S. Government, ordinary Americans are now fighting back. A host of organizations, some listed on this page, are sprouting to deliver information about this travesty. Other organizations, such as Ranch Rescue, and the Minuteman Project, are taking a more proactive approach such as patrolling ranches and borders.

As wide-ranging as the problem of illegal immigration is, the solutions are simple.

First, we as Americans have to make it where it is not worth coming to America. We can do this by legally requiring proof of citizenship or legal residency for jobs, education and benefits. Unable to obtain jobs and services in America, many if not most Mexicans would stay at home. As part of this effort, penalties would be more severe for American companies and organizations who knowingly provide jobs and services to illegal immigrants. In a way, providing jobs to illegal immigrants is treasonous.

Second, America needs a comprehensive guest worker program. This program would be funded primarily by Mexicans wishing to work in America and by American companies who can prove they need foreign workers because American workers are not available. In such a program, Mexicans (or American companies) would pay a processing fee to the federal government, instead of a smuggling fee to the Coyotes (human smugglers).

And third, America needs to physically secure its borders. We must get the Southwest region of the United States under control. Either we need a beefed-up Border Patrol, or we need the military to patrol the border in sufficient numbers, or both. And we also need a very big fence/wall! We would love to see a wall stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Texas Gulf Coast such as the one being built in Israel (image right).

The time to act is now. Each day, 5,000 to 10,000 new illegal immigrants enter the United States along the Mexican border. Each day, the costs associated with this influx escalates. Each day, with each new alien, America’s overall security is diminished. We need to act now before the entire Southwest region of the United States is effectively colonized by foreigners who owe allegiance to their foreign state.

We ask that you keep the issue of illegal immigration at the forefront of your thoughts and to act upon this issue to the best of your abilities.

– The Team