How to Shine Your Military Boots

The quality of a soldier’s uniform must be polished from head to toe, which very importantly includes your boots as well.

A soldier must spend time making sure they are clean and shined to perfection to accommodate their uniforms. Here is a how-to on making your boots shine.

First, you need to get a thick polish paste and work in sections of the boot. Don’t just rub the paste all over your boot and expect it to turn out clean and shiny.

After spreading the paste in the small area, let it sit for about 10-15 minutes.

Then, using a clean and smooth cloth, wrap a portion around your finger and start making circular motions as you clean the area. You want the cloth to be slightly damp for easier removal of buildup. Continue rubbing in small circles until the wax starts to become shiny.

Still using the damp cloth, apply a thin layer of polish to the boot, again in a circular motion until you start to see a slight shiny haze on the boot.

Continue this process until the entire boot has been coated, polished and shined. Lastly, take a clean, dry cloth(or a t-shirt will suffice) and go over the boot ever so slightly until you get it nicely buffed out.