Changes to the Female Physical Fitness Test

Effective January 1, 2014, there will be a change to the female Physical Fitness Test (PFT).

Pull-ups will replace the flexed arm hang (FAH). The change will take place in two different phases with phase one beginning January 1, 2013. Phase one will serve as a transitioning phase and is intended to allow individual female marines and commanders to adjust to the new unit training routines.

The FAH will also remain part of the initial stretch test (IST) conducted in recruiting upon arrival. During the 2013 calendar year, female marines will have the option to choose pull-ups or the FAH on the physical fitness test.

The score from the chosen event will be the score used to calculate the official PFT score for all purposes.

Phase two will adhere on January 1, 2014. Pull-ups will replace the FAH portion of the PFT but will remain as part of the first conducted at recruiting and at MCRDPT.

Passing the PFT with pull-ups instead of the FAH will be a graduation REQUIREMENT for recruits and officer candidates beginning January 1, 2014. To pass the pull-up portion of the event, females WILL be required to execute at least 3 pull-ups.

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