Nimitz Participates In Navy Wide Advancement Exam

By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jacquelyn Childs

EVERETT, Wash. (NNS) — Sailors from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) took the Navy Wide Advancement Exam for E-6 at the Commons aboard Naval Station Everett, March 7.

The Second Class Petty Officers went into the exam after spending various amounts of time studying, each using their own techniques.

“I feel good,” said Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class Manuel Garcia, native of Bronx, N.Y. “The whole process was really smooth and I felt more relaxed during the exam than last time.”

For Garcia, what helped him was being on board longer with his department which set up training programs and study groups.

“I took a lot from it,” said Garcia. “A lot of us even got to together after to study more.”

Other Sailors did more independent studying while using the traditional resources available.

“I felt as ready as I could,” said Interior Communications Electrician 2nd Class Stephen Bittner, native of Spokane, Wash. “I studied using North Star. I also used the BIBs [bibliographies] to pinpoint the areas to focus my study.”

North Star study guides are additional materials, separate of the traditional BIBs, created to give Sailors more options.

This being his second exam, Bittner felt he had an advantage going into the exam he didn’t have last time, and advises other Sailors to also take advantage of previous exam experience.

“Remember different types of questions you had on past exams as a reference point,” said Bittner.
He also encourages junior Sailors to go back to the basics when it comes to the exams.

“Any ‘C’ School [secondary education] questions usually only make up a small portion of the test,” Bittner said. “It’s always good to focus on fundamentals because those seem to make up a good portion of the test.”

Garcia also had advice for junior Sailors getting ready for upcoming exams.

“Take your time and relax,” he said. “Don’t overburden and over study. Don’t cram. Review your materials without stressing so you can retain more.”

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