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‘Life As A Marine’ Goes .com

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By Lance Cpl. Jolene Cooper, Marine Corps Recruiting Command

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va.- Marine Corps Recruiting Command launched a new web page on Monday. The Web page allows parents, teachers, coaches and others to communicate about their experiences with the Marine Corps.

The site may be especially useful for parents who have concerns about their son or daughter joining the Marine Corps.

Anyone is able to access and browse this Web site, but those who sign up on the site will have the opportunity to upload photos, videos and stories about how the Marine Corps has impacted them.

"The site allows parents, spouses and anyone else to share their story and show others they are not alone," said Capt. Frederick Evert, MCRC's lead generations officer. "We're looking to reach the influencer audience which includes parents, teachers, coaches, friends and spouses of those looking to join the Marine Corps and give them the information on the process."

The idea for this Web site is not new. The Marine Corps has been utilizing other sites to inform the public, but the new site will enable everyone to share their personal experiences.

"We are taking OurMarines and ParentsMarines and combining them," said Dan Weidensaul, MCRC's deputy assistant chief of staff of advertising. "What [people] are going to be able to do on this Web site is upload and share what their life with the Marine Corps has been like."

The Web site was built by using recommendations from parents, Marines and spouses all over the country to come up with the function, feel and look of the site.

"When a person first enters the site, the first thing they will be able to do is navigate and find people who are similar to them and what they are facing," said Evert.

Once the individual registers on the site, they may begin posting their own experiences or concerns. In addition to uploading stories, videos and photos, registered guests will be able to comment on other member's posts. Past and present Marines will also be able to post their own; which is an opportunity for Marines to showcase their own success stories.

There are specific guidelines that govern what is acceptable publishable on the site and all users are encouraged to read the guidelines. Two of the primary guidelines according to Evert include, but are not limited to: no profanities or obscenities.

"It is going to have a different feel, when you go to you learn about the weapons and vehicles the Marine Corps have. [On the new site] you are going to learn what it is like to be a Marine from a family member's perspective," said Evert.

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