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Air National Guard Looking for Current, Prior Service Airmen

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By Air Force Tech. Sgt. John Orrell
National Guard Bureau

WASHINGTON (1/16/11) - The Air National Guard is currently looking for prior service or active duty servicemembers with specific Air Force Specialty Codes, said Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Lorenda Thomas, the Air National Guard's in-service recruiting superintendent for the Southern sector.


"The AFSCs we need at present largely surround the medical community with their new CERFP (chemical, biological, nuclear and high yield explosives enhanced response force package) and HRF (homeland response force) missions," said Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Connie Erickson, the Air National Guard’s superintendent of officer recruiting operations.

The current list of needed officer AFSCs include civil engineers, chaplains, air battle managers, air liaison operators and the majority of the medical professional career fields, she said.

Enlisted active duty servicemembers are needed in most career fields, said Thomas.

"People who are looking to get off of active duty, a lot of the time say they want to go back home," she said. "By joining the Air National Guard you get serve your community, your state and your nation."

For those active duty servicemembers looking to go back to their hometowns, the Air National Guard gives them the opportunity to be a part of the "hometown Air Force," Thomas said.

The active duty servicemembers who transfer are valuable assets to the Air National Guard, said Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Nicole Sprague, the Air National Guard's in-service recruiting superintendent for the Northern sector.

"These are high-value applicants," she said. "They are fully qualified, they're already experienced in the Air Force way of life and they provide a huge saving cost by not requiring initial and career field training."

"They come in; they bring that wealth of experience … and fit right into our organization."

The Palace Chase program is an early release program that allows active duty Air Force officers and enlisted members to request a transfer from active military service to an Air Reserve Component such as the Air National Guard.

Through the Palace Chase program, active duty servicemembers who meet eligibility requirements can apply to transfer their enlistment or commitment to the Air National Guard, said Thomas.

The Palace Front program is a transfer program which allows active Air Force officers and enlisted members to transfer from active duty to the Air National Guard the day after separation from the Air Force, normally after the servicemember completes their active duty service commitment or reaches their date of separation.

Cash bonuses and student loan repayment for officers and GI Bill Kickers for enlisted, are just some of the benefits the Air National Guard can offer active duty servicemembers who transfer through the Palace Chase or Palace Front program.

Active duty and prior service members should contact their local Air National Guard in-service recruiter for more information and eligibility on the Palace Chase and Palace Front programs.
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