What to Bring

Below is a list authorized personal items that you may bring to Navy Basic Training. These items are not required. Any items you bring that are not authorized will be boxed up and shipped home at your expense.

  • Wedding ring
  • Wrist watch
  • Religious medallion (Cannot be larger than a dog tag)
  • Writing materials (No bottled ink is allowed)
  • Pocket Bible
  • Pocket dictionary
  • Small address book
  • Comb and hairbrush
  • Pre-paid phone cards
  • One pair of reading glasses, prescription glasses, or contacts with one week’s worth of cleaning solution
  • Small amount of cash (less than $10)

    Female recruits may also bring the following personal items:

  • Feminine sanitary items
  • One each of face powder, blush, lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara (No glass or aerosol)
  • Barrettes (Must match hair color),
  • Six white sports bras and two white full cup bras
  • Six plain white cotton briefs (No lace)
  • One blue or black one piece conservative swimsuit
  • Birth control medications

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