Moving-In Housing Allowance

Move-In Housing Allowance (MIHA) is paid in lump-sum supplemental payments when a member becomes eligible for Overseas Housing Allowance and incurs occupancy related expenses. This allowance includes three components:

  1. Move-In Housing Allowance/Miscellaneous: Rates are published in the Joint Federal Travel Regulation and reflect average expenditures made by members to purchase household necessities for their residence. This entitlement is paid in a lump-sum and no receipts are required. Examples of such necessities are sinks, toilets, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, and a refrigerator and stove (which sometimes are not provided in overseas dwellings).
  2. Move-In Housing Allowance/Rent: This covers all rent related expenses; receipts are required. These expenses are fixed, one time, nonrefundable charges levied by the landlord, the landlord(s) agent or a foreign government which the member must pay before occupying a dwelling. Examples are real estate agent fees, redecoration fees, and one-time lease taxes.
  3. Move-In Housing Allowance/Security: These security related expenses are for members assigned to designated areas where dwellings must be modified to minimize exposure to a terrorist or criminal threat. Receipts are required. Expenditures which are not related to the physical dwelling, such as personal security guards or dogs, are not allowed under Move-In Housing Allowance. Move-In Housing Allowance security payments must be approved by the senior officer in the country.