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Foreign Language Proficiency Pay

An officer or enlisted member of the Armed Forces of the United States entitled to basic pay, who has been certified within the past 12 months (or 12 months plus 180 days when called or recalled to active duty in support of a contingency operation) to be proficient in a foreign language, and who meets one of the following conditions:

  • Be qualified in a career military linguist specialty (career linguist) as defined by the Secretary of the Military Department concerned.

  • Have received training under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Military Department concerned designated to develop such proficiency.

  • Be assigned to military duties requiring such proficiency.

  • Be proficient in a foreign language for which the Secretary of the Military Department concerned has identified a critical need.

Note that Listening AND reading abilities must be certified. Also, usually your language must be "critical." Do not expect that just because you took a few years of a language in high school that you will be able to pass the language tests. Members in a non-career linguist MOS may receive FLPP, but at reduced rates.

You must take the DLPT test and score at least the minimum of 2 in listening and 2 in reading to receive the pay. Also, the test must be taken annually to continue receiving payment.

Reserve members called to active duty, active duty for training, and inactive duty training who are entitled to basic pay and meet the qualifications above, may receive a prorated amount of FLPP for each day of duty or period of instruction performed. The Secretary of the Military Department shall:

  • Annually certify member's level of proficiency.

  • During the 180-day waiver of the proficiency certification requirement, authorize continuing payment of FLPP to eligible members assigned to duty in connection with a contingency operation.

Foreign language proficiency pay may be paid in addition to other pay and allowances to which a member may be entitled. The Army pays up to $1000 per month to active duty Soldiers and offers a $6,000 per year bonus for qualified Army Reserve
Soldiers who have been certified within the past 12 months to be proficient in a foreign language critical to the military and maintain their ability to read, speak and understand it. FLPP is capped at $500 a month for members of the National Guard and Reserve.

For Defense Language Proficiency Test (DFLP) scores and explanations, please visit
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