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Educational Benefits for Military Family Members - News -
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Educational Benefits for Military Family Members

May 26, 2015, by Sheerin Jafri - Education, being a necessity for every individual, is something that should be provided without any obstacles or financial issues. For individuals, to contribute through their civilized efforts for the country, it is very important for him/her to be educated. The future of any state is heavily dependent on education and thus it is in every way related to the growth of any country. As far as education for children, who are direct family members to someone in the armed forces or somehow are related to the armed forces, spouse, and dependent member of the family and/or retirees are to enjoy particular benefits on their education. Since our brave men and women spend their lives serving the U.S military, the military in return takes care of its people through offering them a number of benefits.

Military realizes the worth of a good education and hence offers its people with as many benefits as the state can offer. A number of educational benefits are provided to veterans or people who are still in active service. Here’s what benefit programs can offer you:

Assistance for Spouse and Dependents:

The state offers educational assistance to dependents and survivors of late military members. Through this program, the spouse, survivors and dependents are to enjoy certain educational assistance for up to 45 months. However, like any other program, there are certain requirements to meet the eligibility criteria for the mentioned program:

1. Only a daughter/son or spouse of:

2. A total or permanently disabled veteran who dies or is currently suffering from disability while in line of duty.

3. A military veteran* who suffered disability and died to any reason either related or not to his/her disability.

4. A serving member who is receiving treatment or is permanently hospitalized due to some service related disability.

5. An in active service member who was seized or went missing in action (MIA) by enemies or is forced to detained by a foreign power.

* Note that, soldiers and members of the National Guard who suffer disability or die while in training are also regarded as veterans.

The program offers educational assistance for a graduate or undergraduate degree. The educational benefits further extend to vocational, on-job training, certificate or diploma courses. The benefits if needed for correspondence courses will only be provided to a spouse.

The Post 9/11 GI bill:

A lot of soldiers and their families suffered due to the devastating 9/11 incident. The state, in order to facilitate such honorable and brave military members in terms of education, offers a number of benefits. Those who at least served for 30 days in 2001, after September 10 and then later dismissed from service due to a disability or those who served for 90 days after September 10th and were honorably discharged can benefit from this program. Soldiers or veterans, who are eligible for this program, must be:

1. Titled ten, and working for an active service, named military operation.

2. Titled 32, and serving to organize, administer, recruit or train members of National Guard.

3. Under section 502(f), all 32 titled active duty members who respond to a national emergency.

4. Except medical care and medical monitoring, active duty members; all voluntary in service members.

5. A collective 90 days active duty serving member after September 10th 2001 and still serving or someone honorably discharged due to a service related disability, right after 30 days.

The program provides educational benefits and/training for up to 36 months which pays for approximately 15 days after you are discharged from active duty.

Career Advancement Accounts Program:

Apart from education, the assistance and benefits for military expands to career advancement and development. Through the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program, military spouses can effortlessly go for certificates, associate’s degrees, certificates which are needed for demanding employment and career fields.

The program caters to the following pay grades:

1. Spouses of Active duty service members and titled 10 military sponsors, who are paid in: E-1 till E-%, O-1 till O-2 and W-1 to W-2.

2. The spouse or married members, who are capable of starting and thus finish their coursework while their military member is working under title 10 and pay frame, are eligible for this program.

3. Also includes members of National Guard and reserved components.

4. Spouses which are still married yet have a legal separation

5. Spouse of a military member with warning orders, transition status or deployed and demobilized.

There still are a number of benefits which can facilitate military education. Also, state to state educational benefits are perks offered to military in service or veterans. Similarly, public and private individually provide several scholarship and other benefits like tuition assistance programs to members of military and their families. Education is of prime importance in any individual’s life as it further opens several doors but often for members of military-related families, it becomes difficult to pursue their educational goals with problems like, disability, injury or extreme duty requirements. It is thus, the responsibility of state to find a solution and assist people facing such problems.

Author Bio: Sheerin Jafri is a passionate blogger, she writes on health and Lifestyle.
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