Marching the March

Being prepared and knowing what to expect is a large part of successfully getting the future you desire. Plan a course of action and then take the measures necessary to secure the career of your dreams. After you see what is available and make sure you qualify. You can be talk to your recruiter about your preferences. Ask a lot of questions throughout the process. It is important to always remember that you are not guaranteed a particular job. Part of thinking in the military includes wanting to do what is best for the branch. Research the following suggestions and march the march!

Talk to your Recruiter

This is a free source of information for you. Make sure to take advantage of their knowledge and expertise.

Prepare Yourself
Maybe you got a job that your were not expecting and are not sure if you have enough previous work experience. Ease your mind by learning about the skill training you will receive. Want to know more? Read Below:

Skill Training
If you have been selected for a job you are do not have previous experience in, don’t be intimidated by being put in a career that you don’t have previous experience in. Part of marching the march is exposing yourself to knew things that can be beneficial to your future. After your job has been determined an you have completed basic training you will go to AIT or Advanced Individual Training or skill training. The school you go to will depend on which career specialty is selected for you. Here you can expect to be fully trained for your particular job specialty. You will take part in skill training where you will learn through hand on training, classroom participation and field instruction.

Training Schools

While the basic idea and purpose AIT is consistent, each branch offers its own training program. Read below to learn about the programs specific to each branch.

  • Army Advanced Individual Training includes 17 career fields ranging from artillery to avionics. In addition to hands on training and field instruction, the school focuses on discipline and work ethic. These are two important virtues both in and out of the Military.
  • Marine Corps Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) School in the Marine Corps trains every Marine for a specific role that contributes to the mission. It is broken down into three elements: ground combat, aviation combat and logistics combat.
  • Navy “A” School offers technical training in 29 different career fields ranging from arts and photography to world languages.
  • Air Force Air Force technical training provides instruction from highly experienced personnel in a variety of fields such as mechanical, administrative, general and electronic. One bonus of Air Force Technical training is that a lot of it can be applied toward college credit.
  • Coast Guard “A” School The Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Reserve train enlistees in a variety of career fields, including safety and law enforcement, maritime patrols, technology, environmental operations and business administration.

If you want to excel in your career, Get involved, Do your best, Learn what you can, and stay motivated!