Getting a Head Start In Your Military Job

Are you wondering how to get a head start in the military? The main things you can do are talk to a recruiter regularly and do your research. Several other ways to stay ahead are listed below.

The Air Force, Army, Navy (and Marine Corps through Naval ROTC) all offer ROTC programs at colleges and universities throughout the United States. In the ROTC there are opportunities for scholarships, therefore; you may be able to go to college for very little or no cost at all. Learn more about the ROTC >>

  • Enter a Service Academy

If you are interested in the challenge of a rigorous and disciplined four-year college program, you may be interested in one of the military service academies.
The Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, and Navy all run their own academies. Marine Corps Officers are also commissioned at the Naval Academy.
All service academies except for the Coast Guard Academy, require that applicants compete for nominations from their Congressman or Senator.
Applicants must also meet SAT requirements and meet other academic, physical, and moral standards. Participating in high school sports, and service organizations is also helpful while competing with other well rounded potential Officers.

The service academies teach military history, discipline, and instill military values while also teaching standard academics for degree requirements. One great thing about a service academy is you may be able to go to school for little to no money.

  • Get a Bachelor’s Degree

Get your four year degree at an accredited school and enter the military as an Officer.

  • Officer Candidate School

If you already have a bachelor’s degree then you can earn your commission in as little as 13 weeks. These schools focus solely on the military because it’s students typically already have or are working towards a degree.