Army Clothing Allowance

Army Enlisted members are provided non taxable monetary allowances to pay for uniform replacement and maintenance. Amounts are based on the cost of uniform items, and on an estimated “wear out” date for each item. Below are the uniform allowances for the Army.

Initial Clothing Allowance is how much an entire set of uniforms would cost. Although uniforms are usually issued to new recruits, in some cases (such as prior service)recruits may be given the allowance instead and instructed to purchase their own uniforms.

2011 Army Enlisted Standard Initial Clothing Allowances
Male Female
1,441.68 1,673.18

Cash Clothing Replacement Allowances are typically paid on the anniversary of the first day they entered the military. People with fewer than three years of service receive a basic clothing allowance to begin replacing items from their initial issue as they wear out. At the end of the first year of active duty, enlisted troops will typically only receive half of the yearly allowance because they do not need to replace any clothing in their first six months. After completing three years on active duty, they begin receiving standard clothing allowance, which is higher than the basic allowance.

2011 Army Cash Clothing Replacement Allowances
Male Female
Basic 370.80 410.40
Standard 531.80 585.87

For more information about Army enlisted clothing allowances, see Department of Defense (DOD) Pay Regulation, Volume 7A (Active Duty & Reserve Pay), Chapter 29: Clothing Monetary Allowances.