Air Force – General Careers

General AFSC’s

Some Air Force careers might surprise you. The Air Force needs people interested in computers, linguistics, security and more.

AFSC AIR FORCE JOB TITLE Qualification Area Minimum Scores
1A031 In-Flight Refueling G55
1A231 Aircraft Loadmaster G57
1A431 Airborne Operations Apprentice G55
1A831 Airborne Cryptologic Linguist G72
1C131 Air Traffic Control G55 & M55
1C231* Combat Control G44
1C331 Command Post G49
1C431* TACP G49
1C531 Aerospace Control & Warning Systems G55
1C731 Airfield Management G50 & M40
1N031 Intelligence Applications G57
1N131 Imagery Interpreter G66
1N231 Signals Intelligence Production G53
1N330 Cryptologic Linguist G72
1N431 Signal Intelligence Analysis G62
1N531 Electronic Signals Intel G72
1N631 Electronic System Security G62
1T031* Survival Evasion, Resist & Escape G55
1T231* Pararescue G44
1U031 Unmanned Aerospace Sys Sensor Operator G64 or E54
1W031 Weather G66 & E50
1W032* Special Operations Weather Apprentice G66 & E50
2R031 Maintenance Data Systems Analysis G55
2R131 Maintenance Scheduling G44
2S031 Material Management G44 or A41
2W031 Munitions System M55 or G55
3D032 Cyber Systems Operations G64
3D033 Cyber Security G64
3E433 Pest Management G38
3E531 Engineering G49
3E631 Operations Management G44
3E731 Fire Protection G38
3E831 Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) G64 & M60
3E931 Readiness G62
3M031 Services G24
3N031 Public Affairs G72
3N032** Radio & Television Broadcasting G72
3N033 Graphic Arts Apprentice G44
3N034 Still Photo G44
3N131** Regional Band G24 or A21
3N231** Premier Band G24 or A21
3P031 Security Forces G33
4A031 Health Services Management G44
4A131 Medical Materiel G44
4B031 Bioenvironmental Engineering G49
4C031 Mental Health Service G55
4D031 Diet Therapy G44
4E031 Public Health G44
4H031 Cardiopulmonary   G44
4J032 Physical Medicine Apprentice G49
4M031 Aerospace Physiology G44
4N031 Medical Services G44
4N131 Surgical Services G44
4P031 Pharmacy G44
4R031 Diagnostic Imaging G44
4T031 Medical Laboratory G62
4T032 Histopathology G44
4V031 Optometry G55
4Y031 Dental Assistant G44
4Y032 Dental Lab G66
6C031 Contracting G72
6F031 Financial Management G57
9TG43 General Aptitude Area G44
9TG58 General Aptitude Area G62
9TG64 General Aptitude Area G66
9TG69 General Aptitude Area G72
9TG70 General Aptitude Area G72

* These jobs require a Physical Assessment Stamina Test and are open to Males Only
** These jobs require an audition